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In 2012, Adriana received a puppy as her birthday present from her boyfriend, Ivan. She named him Rex. Years later, in 2016, she got married to said boyfriend. They lived together in a few places in Northern California, but they eventually made it back to Southern California after Adriana started battling depression.


As a hobby, Adriana started a crochet Instagram page named Rex's Creativity that slowly changed trajectory to become a small online boutique shop. Now named Magic Stitches Company, the shop strives to share hand made crafts influenced by Adriana’s inner child and her Mexican heritage. The family of three has now grown as they've adopted another puppy and named him Wall-e.


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Our Promise

As a small business, Magic Stitches Company strives to provide her consumers with a glimpse of her inner child and her diverse backgrounds.


Our Values

Magic Stitches Company is a brand that has a prideful voice, a brand whose purpose goes beyond the product assortment, a brand that stimulates thinking regarding cultural, disabled, and racial diversity.


Our Vision

Magic Stitches Company aims to continue bringing awareness to different causes that afflict the Latinx/ Hispanic community and disabled persons.


Send us questions, concerns, commissions, and of course some magic!

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